Leif Bloomquist's home page - now in color!

So cute! Ella and Andreas Bloomquist
Andreas was born on December 10, 2005 (pictures)
Ella was born on July 23, 2008 (pictures)

Schema Music
I compose and occasionally perform electronic music in various genres. Check out  my music page.

The 4th Planet Mars Exploration
I work for MDA Space Missions as a Systems Engineer on the Phoenix 2007 Mars Lander (MET Instrument.)  I guess that makes me part of the Earth team in the Expensive Hardware Lob!
Here is my online Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Robotic Mining
I hold two patents related to underground mining automation, #5,999,865 and #6,633,800.
It all started with my 4th year Workshop Project.  

You can usually find me at Something Awful or Spamusement!, sources of much hilarity.  My Roommate Has Gills, the comic strip.

Burg Eltz, Germany Photos and Travel
Wedding - Greece (1997) - Finland (1998) - Germany 1 (2000) - Germany 2 (2001) -  Algonquin Park (2001) - Colorado (2001) - Pretty Channel, Muskoka (2002) - Cozumel, Mexico (2003) -  Cruise in the Bahamas (2004) -
Trip to Japan (2006)

Commodore "Digital Archaeology"
Now located on a dedicated Commodore page.

Chain Everything Else
Links to a few friends' websites.  Fysh was my graduating class.  I'm a part-time Youth Leader at St. George's Anglican Church, and a member of the Roger Taylor Fan Club.

leif at schemafactor dot com