Commodore 64 Telnet BBS Server

 What's this?

In a moment of nostalgic geekiness, I decided to set up a Bulletin Board System (BBS) on my Commodore 64 again - after 15 years!  However, I wanted to avoid long distance charges for any callers, and the need for a second phone line.  

The solution:  Set it up so anyone with Internet access can simply Telnet to it. 

 How does it work?

A Windows PC is used to "bridge" between the Internet and the C64, as in the block diagram above.

The PC and C64 are connected through a null modem cable and a VIC-1011A Terminal Type adapter.

A simple "server" program (screenshot) runs on the PC, listening on TCP Port 23 (standard Telnet).  When a connection is made, the server forwards all incoming data over the serial port (COM1 in this case) to the Commodore.   Replies from the Commodore are similarly forwarded back to the caller's Telnet client. 

 Photos and more information

Photos of the BBS and a PowerPoint presentation describing how the BBS works in more detail, are available here.   Thanks to Jason Scott, director the BBS Documentary.


 BBS Status
The BBS is currently ONLINE

Port: 23

Click here to connect


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