CheerLights Commodore 64 Client



CheerLights is a really cool project from ioBridge Labs to synchronize Christmas lights (real or simulated) around the world, using Twitter.  

For fun, I've created a client for the Commodore 64 computer, written in KipperBASIC.


You can download the D64 virtual disk image here.   Requires a Commodore 64 (or 64C, or 128 in 64 mode) with a 64NIC+ or RR-Net Ethernet cartridge. Works great in the VICE emulator too with RR-Net emulation (Settings->Cartridge Settings->Ethernet Settings, select RR-Net.)    Also requires a DHCP server on your network.


Insert/attach the disk, and type LOAD"*",8 and then RUN.  The star shows network status. Flashing = Connected to the server, X = Timeout. 

Future Ideas:

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